Coffee Making Best Practices

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Coffee lovers may be doing their favorite drink a disservice if they are ignoring these best practices for storing and brewing coffee.

Keep your equipment clean, leftover grounds and oils can add unwanted flavors to the coffee you brew.

Quality in, quality out. The best coffee starts with good quality coffee beans.

Filter your water if it has a high mineral content or PH level.

Grind your coffee beans just before brewing the coffee.

Consider the type of grind you use so that it matches the coffee, your brew method and your taste preference.

Use the ideal coffee to water ratio which should be around 2 TBS for a 6 ounce cup of coffee.

Warming the mug before pouring the coffee in helps keep the coffee hot for a longer time.

A coffee maker’s burner will continue to heat coffee left in the pot, impacting flavor. Consider pouring freshly brewed coffee into a thermos to maintain the heat and flavor.

Store coffee beans in a sealed container in a cool dry place.

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