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  • Our Chardonnay Club features top quality wines from the Paso Robles and the Santa Barbara wine country . Two bottles of Chardonnay delivered monthly directly to your door. No membership fees or cancellation costs. Shipping included in the price!

    Chardonnay of the month club - 3, 6 or 12 month

    Our Chardonnay Club features top quality wines from California Central Coast including wineries in Paso Robles, Santa Barbara wine country and more. In Santa Barbara County, Chardonnay is the predominant grape with 7,100 acres where the north-south...

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  • Monthly Syrup & Pancake Box

    Syrup & Pancake Mix of the Month Club - 3 Months

    A different sort of Breakfast Club from the famed film version.  Our Breakfast Club delivers a different gourmet pancake mix and artisan syrup once a month for three months. The syrups are small batch handmade fruit syrups in a variety of flavors to...

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  • jar of wildflower honey in tray with wooden honey dipper

    Honey of the month club-3 months

    Our honey comes from beekeepers roaming the hills of coastal southern California allowing their honey bees to pollinate the local fauna and collect nectar. Proverbs tell us, to Eat honey...for it is good; honey from the comb is sweet to your taste...

    $59.99 - $79.99
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  • Spicy chicken wings rubbed with Wing Shake HOT Buffalo WING rub.

    Rub of the Month Club - 3 month subscription

     What it is ... Everyone knows that BBQ is at its best when the grill master takes their time. With some help from the Spice Rub Club, barbecue finally gets the tender love and care it deserves. Rub on our spice blends, then sit back and relax as...

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  • Hot Sauce of the Month Club - 3 month subscription

    What it is With so many hot sauces to choose from, it can be hard to find the very best. Take the guesswork out of selecting hot sauces with a gift subscription to the Hot Sauce of the Month Club. Our panel of “hot heads” have sampled a wide...

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  • habanero, jalapeno lime, chipotle and scorpion hot sauces

    Hate to Wait Hot Sauce Bundle

    Four bottles of hot sauce delivered to your door. Eclectic flavors like jalapeno lime, habenaro and chipotle peppers enhance the spicy sauces and can add distinctive flavors to recipes or cooked foods. When you really want to bring the heat use the...

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  • Wooden concentric circles trap honey in the grooves for transfer of the viscous liquid to another location

    Honey Dipper Utensil

    What it is .... The best utensil for drizzling honey onto foods or into beverages. Made of wood with equally-spaced concentric (coaxial) grooves at it's tip to transport honey from pot to wherever you want it. Enjoy honey and all its health attributes!

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  • honey spoon with crooked neck to rest on the side of a cup while spoons bowl empties the contents into the cup

    Honey/Jam spoon

    What it is ... A well balanced spoon, designed to rest on the edge of your cup, or the honey jar, after dripping its contents into your beverage.  No need for tap, tap, tap with this spoon, simply set it and forget it. Simple pleasures .....

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  • Red wine of the month club- 3, 6 or 12 month

    Our Red Wine Club features top quality wines from the California Central Coast's American Viticulture area including Paso Robles, Santa Barbara wine country and more. This area's best known red wine varietals include Pinot Noir, Syrah and Cabernet...

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