Spices and Sauces

Spices have a fascinating history dating back to antiquity when spices were used for commerce, known as the spice trade. The true sources of the spices were withheld by the spice traders who made up fantastical tales to increase their allure. Centuries later it was the spice trade that eventually led to discovery of the New World, expanding geographical horizons. In the modern day we find spices in our grocery aisle, less romantic, but more convenient for sure. Even more convenient is having spices delivered to our door, monthly, in various combinations. Not only do these spice combos bring flavor to our food, but they also serve to ease the load of preparing a meal and often yield inspiration in the kitchen. We also have specialty spice rubs that are great for grilling your favorite protein. Our spice combinations offer great flavors to spice up many dishes with a simple shake of the wrist. No foraging through the spice cupboard needed, just keep the gourmet spice blends front and center and you’re ready to season. For those who like it hot, our hot sauce of the month club brings exotic and spicy flavor to your door monthly.

  • spice filled ramekins

    Spice of the Month Club - 3 month subscription

    What it is ... There's spice, and then there's spice. We're talking the gourmet herbs and seasonings that transform home cooking into fine dining. Help a friend give bland the boot with a zesty kick to the taste buds! Rosemary Basil & Thyme blend...

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  • Spicy chicken wings rubbed with Wing Shake HOT Buffalo WING rub.

    Rub of the Month Club - 3 month subscription

     What it is ... Everyone knows that BBQ is at its best when the grill master takes their time. With some help from the Spice Rub Club, barbecue finally gets the tender love and care it deserves. Rub on our spice blends, then sit back and relax as...

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  • Hot Sauce of the Month Club - 3 month subscription

    What it is With so many hot sauces to choose from, it can be hard to find the very best. Take the guesswork out of selecting hot sauces with a gift subscription to the Hot Sauce of the Month Club. Our panel of “hot heads” have sampled a wide...

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  • habanero, jalapeno lime, chipotle and scorpion hot sauces

    Hate to Wait Hot Sauce Bundle

    Four bottles of hot sauce delivered to your door. Eclectic flavors like jalapeno lime, habenaro and chipotle peppers enhance the spicy sauces and can add distinctive flavors to recipes or cooked foods. When you really want to bring the heat use the...

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