Gourmet Olive of the Month Plus Bonus


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3 Months $119.99

What it is …

We’ve added another dimension to our popular olive club.  Each month, along with 2 unique varieties of olives we add a pickled item or spread.  These bonus items are made by Penna with the same commitment to taste and quality as their olives.  These gourmet olives are perfect for cocktail parties, as appetizers, or whenever a craving for delicious olives strikes. Whether stuffed with almonds, garlic, jalapenos or stuffed in your mouth, our gourmet olives are sure to please. And we’ll include a stainless steel olive spoon with your order for no additional cost. Long and thin, this olive spoon allows you to get to the bottom of those tall jars of olives while keeping your fingers out of the olive brine.

What you get …

Each month we’ll ship two jars of gourmet olives (either 5 oz or 10 oz jars depending on variety) to your door.  Each delivery will include a different olive variety. Black, green, brined, pitted, stuffed; every new month comes bearing new olives. The olives are grown, cured and bottled at a decades-old family farm where they combine old-world curing and spicing recipes with safe, modern technology to produce unique, flavorful and consistent olives.  Bonus items include pickled asparagus, garlic spiced pickled mushrooms, Sweet-Hots (sweet and sour pickles with jalapeno) along with various spreads and tapenades.

Why this gift?

Give the Olive of the Month Club Plus Bonus because you know that olives with an added surprise is as good as it gets.  Include a gift message with your first delivery to get things started. This heart-healthy fruit is rich in vitamin E and has other antioxidant properties. An olive’s fat content is 75% oleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid which is linked to several health benefits including decreased inflammation, reduced risk of heart disease and some studies suggest they may even help fight cancer. Olive connoisseurs and fans of salty snacks will marvel at your good taste and thoughtfulness as they munch on olive varieties like blue cheese or Cajun-style almond stuffed and other delicious combinations.

Shipping Included

All of our monthly clubs include the shipping and handling costs.