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  • This Bacon Gift includes some truly magical pork! It includes 4 packages (14-16 oz) of the very best Bac'n delivered to your door! Our artisan, thick-cut bacon will keep you coming back again and again. Because once you go gourmet, you never go back. And when it comes to bacon, who would want to?

    Bac'n 4 Pack Bacon Sampler

      This Bac'n Bacon combo includes 4 packages of artisan bacon. Along with a couple of the classics such as Maple wood, Apple wood or hickory smoked bacon this sampler adds a couple of the more eclectic fan favorites like sun dried tomato or...

    Was: $59.99
    Now: $52.99
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  • Scorpion Hot Sauce

    This hot sauce reaches the Extra Hot level on our internal heat scale. The first ingredient in the sauce is chipotle peppers which are made from fully-ripened red jalapeño peppers. This leads to the heat difference between the jalapeno and...

    Was: $14.99
    Now: $11.99
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  • Stove top pressure cooker with integrated timer

    Sitraspeedo Pressure Cooker

    This stainless steel body, stove top pressure cooker is classically designed, and modernized for the 21st century.  An awesome tool for busy people. Keeps nutrients and flavor in the food by needing minimal cooking time. A true win-win. This...

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