Syrup & Pancake Mix of the Month Club

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A different sort of Breakfast Club from the famed film version.  Our Breakfast Club includes small batch handmade syrups in a variety of flavors to enhance breakfast or desserts. Flavors include Roasted Pecan, Hot Cinnamon Apple and others. Also included in this club is flavored pancake mix.  All the better to pour syrup onto. You could drink from the bottle of course, but it is not recommended.  Pancake mix flavors such as maple, chocolate chip or cinnamon raisin.  With this club you will receive each month, for three months, one bottle of syrup (12 ounce bottle) and a pancake mix (between 7 and 12 ounces). No matter your high school identity, athlete, prom-queen, geek ... you are sure to enjoy the delicious breakfast you'll make with this club.