Spice of the Month Club - 3 month subscription

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What it is ...

There's spice, and then there's spice. We're talking the gourmet herbs and seasonings that transform home cooking into fine dining. Help a friend give bland the boot with a zesty kick to the taste buds! Rosemary, cayenne, basil, and saffron are just some of the spices putting aside their differences for a worthy cause: making dinner more flavorful. Send our Spice Club to an aspiring chef, home cook or your favorite foodie and inspire them to get creative in the kitchen!

What you get ...

3-Month Membership. You will receive two shakers of different, freshly-ground spice blends each month for three months. Each 8 oz. volume shaker is filled with 5-8 oz. of gourmet seasonings (weight of spice based on its unique spice density). Each shaker has usage suggestions on the label. Examples of spices you may receive include Rosemary Garlic, Onion Pepper and Herbes de Provence.

Why this gift?

Everyone gets stuck in a recipe rut every now and then. This club delivers the gourmet spices you need to create magnificent meals along with inspiration in the kitchen. Having a variety of spices is quite literally the “spice of life.” Send a friend on a culinary voyage of discovery with a gift subscription. Add a gift message at checkout. Bon appetit!

Shipping Included

All of our monthly clubs include the shipping and handling costs.