Hate to Wait Hot Sauce Bundle


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Four bottles of hot sauce delivered to your door. Eclectic flavors like jalapeno lime, habenaro and chipotle peppers enhance the spicy sauces and can add distinctive flavors to recipes or cooked foods. When you really want to bring the heat use the Scorpion hot sauce, made with scorpion peppers. The heat quotient of the jalapeno, habenaro and chipotle sauces range between 5 and 8 where the scorpion sauce is labeled “off the chart” on the heat thermometer. Beware if you dare!

Wake up bland foods, or add a new note to old favorites like cocktail sauce, bloody Mary’s, hot wings, scrambled eggs, tacos, burritos or anything your creative soul can think of. We’ve created this bundle for customers that want all the goodies up front in the first delivery, a great idea for those that hate to wait!


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