Pancakes, Bacon & Sausage

Gourmet bacon? Absolutely! Gourmet sausage? We’ve got that too. Bacon is almost always good. But we don’t settle for good, we want great. Outstanding taste with an enticing scent is how we describe our Bac’n Bacon of the month club. This is exceptional artisanal bacon which is almost exclusively dry cured, and some varieties are flavored with various spices, hand rubbed onto the bacon after it has been smoked. Dry curing bacon takes longer, but it is worth the wait … dry cured bacon doesn’t shrink in the pan like so many bacons that are immersed in liquid during the curing process. And Bac’n bacon is never pumped, also known as injected, which means you won’t be paying for water weight that literally evaporates during cooking leaving you with scrawny slices. Our club pricing includes the shipping charges and a free Bac’n logo t-shirt is included with your first delivery. Our gourmet sausages are also a cut above the average sausage.

  • Monthly Syrup & Pancake Box

    Syrup & Pancake Mix of the Month Club - 3 Months

    A different sort of Breakfast Club from the famed film version.  Our Breakfast Club delivers a different gourmet pancake mix and artisan syrup once a month for three months. The syrups are small batch handmade fruit syrups in a variety of flavors to...

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