Make It Gourmet

Any nutritious substance that people, animal or plants eat or drink to sustain life is considered food. I'd like to think humans have moved beyond simple sustenance as a qualification for food. Food is family, celebrations, comfort, love. Slipped under the table to the family pooch, licked off fingers, slurped, gobbled, savored. Food is definitely more than sustenance. The Make it Gourmet collection includes food items that are a cut above the ordinary. Other items are gourmet helpers, mixes or utensils that bring gourmet to the table faster. And on busy days when its hard to catch one's breath, it's especially nice to be able to set the table with a gourmet taste with minimal time and effort. 

  • tea infuser

    Tea Infuser

    What it is ... This utensil is to infuse tea or spices in a liquid. Made of stainless steel, squeeze the handle to open the double sided slotted spoon.  Then load the infuser with loose tea to your taste preference and place it in hot water. Remove...

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  • Wildflower Honey

    All our delicious honey is 100% natural US Grade A honey.  It is raw unprocessed honey and is bottled directly from the hive.  Unprocessed means it is left in its natural form allowing you to get all the health-promoting antioxidants and...

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