Make It Gourmet

Any nutritious substance that people, animal or plants eat or drink to sustain life is considered food. I'd like to think humans have moved beyond simple sustenance as a qualification for food. Food is family, celebrations, comfort, love. Slipped under the table to the family pooch, licked off fingers, slurped, gobbled, savored. Food is definitely more than sustenance. The Make it Gourmet collection includes food items that are a cut above the ordinary. Other items are gourmet helpers, mixes or utensils that bring gourmet to the table faster. And on busy days when its hard to catch one's breath, it's especially nice to be able to set the table with a gourmet taste with minimal time and effort. 

  • Bac'n Apron

    Bac'n Apron

    Bac'n tastes good. Simple, to the point and so very true. This logo apron has two large patch pockets and an adjustable neck strap. A 65/35 cotton poly blend makes it easily washed and cared for. Ideal for the creative cook who tends to get dirty while...

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  • gourmet cappuccino brownie mix

    Cappuccino Brownie Mix

    Bring brownies to the next level with this decadently delicious cappuccino brownie mix. Easy to make ... a big impression with these gourmet brownies. 21.5 ounces 

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  • gourmet caramel pecan brownie mix

    Caramel Pecan Brownie Mix

    Caramel, pecans and lots of chocolate are in store for you with this yummy gourmet brownie mix. Send the scent of sweet baked goods throughout the house with this easy to prepare but absolutely delicious to devour brownies. net wt 13 oz.

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  • two in one utensil is a coffee or loose tea scoop that also serves as a bag clip to keep your contents fresh

    Coffee Scoop and Bag Clip

    What it is ... An ingenious gadget you'll use again and again. This coffee/tea scoop features a spring-loaded, built-in clip to reseal coffee or tea bags for freshness. It is two utensils in one, grab the bag of coffee or tea and the clip keeps...

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  • French Market Coffee

    French Market Coffee

    This French Market Coffee comes is in bean form and is vacuum packed for ultimate freshness. This coffee is a smokey, spicy complex blend of the darkest roasts our local coffee roasting company produces. Made from organic beans, the coffee is roasted in...

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    Now: $6.99
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  • habanero, jalapeno lime, chipotle and scorpion hot sauces

    Hate to Wait Hot Sauce Bundle

    Four bottles of hot sauce delivered to your door. Eclectic flavors like jalapeno lime, habenaro and chipotle peppers enhance the spicy sauces and can add distinctive flavors to recipes or cooked foods. When you really want to bring the heat use the...

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  • pickle picker utensil for getting to the pickles, olives or the like at the bottom of the jar

    Pickle Pincher

    What it is ... This utensil has hidden metal prongs in the body that are revealed when you depress the bottom of the tool which enable you to grasp the pickle or olive. How many pickle pickers do you need to pick a peck of pickled pepper? Probably just...

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  • gourmet pralines n' cream brownie mix

    Pralines n' Cream Brownie Mix

    Deliciously moist brownies with swirls of praline cream make an indulgent dessert. Pair with a good cup of coffee and you're all set. This mix is easy to prepare and the presentation is lovely. net wt 13 ounces

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  • tea infuser

    Tea Infuser

    What it is ... This utensil is to infuse tea or spices in a liquid. Made of stainless steel, squeeze the handle to open the double sided slotted spoon.  Then load the infuser with loose tea to your taste preference and place it in hot water. Remove...

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