Gourmet Olive Oil of the Month Club - 3 month subscription

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What it is ...

Olive oil. This key ingredient from Greek, Italian and Mediterranean cuisine has become a staple in every cook’s kitchen. Our Olive Oil Club's wide selection of flavor-infused, gourmet olive oils is truly “extra-oilinary.” These premium olive oils will satisfy even the most discerning palate. These versatile olive oils can be used in cooking or as a dipping oil for your favorite loaf of crusty bread.

What you get ...

3-Month Membership You will receive one bottle (8.5 oz.) of flavor-infused olive oil each month for three months. The gourmet olive oils have been flavored with various natural flavors such as garlic or Italian herbs.

Why this gift?

The Olive Oil club does more than save home cooks a trip to the grocery store. It delivers the highest-quality, small-boutique olive oils that you're unlikely to find in any grocery store. If you gift this club to a friend or loved-one, the gift recipient will start their culinary journey to creative kitchen inspiration. For Mother’s Day, Christmas or Valentine’s Day, it’s the perfect gift and you can include a message at checkout and let your friend know who to thank!

Shipping Included

All of our monthly clubs include the shipping and handling cost.