Gourmet Coffee, Tea & Honey

Exotic blends of tea leaves make custom cups of fragrant and delicious tea. Soothing and fortifying, a cup of tea is often a call to settle for a moment away from daily stresses. An obvious compliment to tea is our delicious 100% natural US Grade A honey. Our raw, unprocessed honey is bottled directly from the hive.  Unprocessed means it is left in its natural form allowing you to get all the health-promoting antioxidants and minerals nature intended. We carry many local varieties of honey including avocado, wildflower, eucalyptus and more. The flower the bees pollinate determine the variety of the honey made. Bees are awesome!

  • Tea of the Month Club Variety

    Loose Leaf Tea of the Month Club

    "But indeed I would rather have nothing but tea." famously said Jane Austen. For one of the most popular drinks in the world, second only to water, tea doesn't get as much "press" as you would think. Tea originated in Southwest China during...

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  • A Honey of the month club-3 months

    What it is.... ONE jar of honey (standard honey 16 oz., creamy honey 12 oz.) delivered to your door for three months. All our delicious honey is 100% natural US Grade A honey.  It is raw unprocessed honey and is bottled directly from the hive...

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  • coffee beans

    Gourmet Coffee of the Month Club 3 Months

    Better beans, better coffee, better life. Let's take a beat. Life moves too fast sometimes and when we can take a moment to slow down and savor something special it helps us roll through the less pleasant moments. Coffee has become a culture of sorts,...

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