Gourmet Coffee of the Month Club 3 Months

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Better beans, better coffee, better life. Let's take a beat. Life moves too fast sometimes and when we can take a moment to slow down and savor something special it helps us roll through the less pleasant moments. Coffee has become a culture of sorts, much like tea, and it has elevated the drink from a necessary stimulant to a social event of sorts. Latte, espresso, cappuccino, Americano, mocha, blended, frozen ... all have in common that they started with a coffee bean.

The freshest cup of coffee comes from freshly ground coffee beans. It is the oil in the coffee bean that provides most of the flavor to a cup of coffee, and this oil begins to evaporate once the bean is ground, thus affecting the flavor. Ground coffee you might notice is normally sold in resealable containers in an effort to maintain freshness, but the best way to avoid oil evaporation is by delaying the grind until just before brewing the coffee. Grinding coffee beans yourself also offers the opportunity to decide the coarseness of the grind. Different brewing methods work best with different types of coarseness, and grinding the beans yourself doesn't limit you to only one option as is the case when you buy ground coffee. 

Our coffee bean of the month club delivers one 8 ounce bag of gourmet coffee beans to your door once a month for three months. Each month you'll receive a different coffee bean variety like our Colombian Narino "Reserva del Patron" or French Market. All varieties are in whole bean form and packaged in an opaque resealable bag. 

If you are accustomed to making coffee with pre-ground coffee beans, order this club and prepare for a new taste experience and you'll be waking up and smelling the coffee in no time at all!