Big Fork "Favorite Four" Bacon Sausage Combo

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Big Fork Brand sausages aren't your everyday run of the mill sausages. These succulent sausages have delicious nitrate-free, hardwood smoked bacon inside. In fact, Big Fork Brands say they cram as much bacon into every encased meat they make. They hold to the adage that bacon makes everything better, and that includes sausages. Big Fork sets high standards for its pork products which includes antibiotic free pork, Berkshire hogs that are raised outdoors by small independent Iowa farmers. Big Fork Brand sausages also tout all natural casings, and real hardwood used for smoking. Their products are free from gluten, preservatives, artificial ingredients, nitrates, hormones, antibiotics and soy. The "favorite four" flavors included in this bacon-sausage bundle are spicy 3-pepper, aged cheddar, maple & brown sugar and hickory & applewood. This is better sausage made in a better way, this is Big Fork.